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Skills21 is the 1st Bootcamp specialized in Tech Sales in Africa and MENA. Our programs have been crafted to make you job-ready in just 21 days.

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Frequently asked questions!

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You can apply at any time. We offer Bootcamps on a regular basis. You’ll get matched with a cohort as soon as we open the next session. 🗓️
Enough to give you a competitive edge. 💚 Sales talk aside, it’s 800 TND TTC. Once you’re officially admitted, payment will be required to secure your seat.
It means you can come to us with your questions any day, any time and we’ll make sure to have answers for you. Once you become a Skiller, you’ll have a direct line to our community, which will not only help you connect with leaders but also help you level up your skills, and get over any professional struggle you might be facing. 🤩
Our instructors — soon to be yours — are la crème de la crème in their respective fields. You will be trained by successful founders, CEOs, senior managers, and consultants. We make sure to invest in quality learning to help you digest as much knowledge as possible from our bootcamps. 🌟
God, no!! 😱
You’ll get your hands dirty right from the start. ❤️
Work on 15 sales projects coming from real case studies. ❤️
Get insights from industry experts. ❤️
Meet with founders, and discuss real sales challenges. ❤️
We work with fast-growing startups in Africa and in the MENA region. New partners join our big family on a monthly basis. 💪
So far, our Alumni worked at Accenture, Novo Nordisk, Digital Mania, Deloitte, Finbudd, Hackup, Inco Tunisie.
- You’ll attend live sessions 2 hours a day (6pm-8pm), 5 days a week (Monday-Friday). 👂
- You’ll pratice Case Studies and Use Cases to build on what you’ve learned. ✍️
- You’ll get 1 hour of open discussion with the coach to voice your learning challenges and find solutions. 🗣️
- The week-end is for you to re-work your submissions — we highly encourage it — and get extra feedback! 📈
If you have any concerns, please drop us your feedback. We're currently designing new programs, and we would like to have your thoughts. Our email is open: 🚀
Of course!🎉
You can choose to pay on flexible terms (50% before the start of the program to secure your spot, and 50% during the program).
We also offer 15% OFF for those who secure, and pay their Bootcamp fees FULLY before the start of the program.
Money shouldn't be an issue to level up your skills. If you're motivated to join, contact us via email (, and will work together on as solution! 🤗